A hastily thrown together guide to Sidekick, our local dicebot.

Sidekick only rolls in Public Channels -- this means that any private channels created don't allow the bot in to watch.

The bot has the following commands:


/r 1d8 + 4d6 - Roll one octahedron and four hexahedrons.

/r 1d20+5 # Grog attacks - Roll dice with a comment.

/r 2d6>=5 - Roll two hexahedrons and take only the ones that turned greater or equal to five (aka difficulty check). Prints the number of successes.

/r 4d6=5 - So can this guy roll five?

/r 3d10>=6f1 - oWoD roll: rolling one is a failure, rolling more failures than successes is a botch.

/r 4dF - Fudge/Fate dice.

/r 3d6! - Exploding dice. (If you get the highest number on the die, roll the die again and keep rolling until you do not get the highest number. Useful for certain systems where you have weapons that inflict damage this way.)

/r 1d10!>9 - Explode nine and ten.

/r 1d20!1k1 - Roll twenty, reroll on one (because halflings are lucky).

/r 3d10!>=8 - nWoD roll: tens explode, eights and up are treated like a success.

/r 4d6k3 - Roll four hexahedrons and keep the highest three (D&D 5e ability roll).

/r repeat (4d6k3, 6) - Roll D&D 5e ability score six times (to generate a new character).

/r 2d20kl1 - Roll twice and keep the lowest roll (D&D 5e disadvantage).

//roll-dice3-sides999 - AOL syntax, for the really old-school gamers.


/r (2+2)^2 - Do math.

/r 4d6^2 - Do math with dice.


/r $persuasion = 2d20k1+3 - Remember the roll. (d20, rolled twice, keep the highest, and add 3 to the roll.)

/r $persuasion - Use the memorized roll again.

/r $persuasion = - Remove it. (Essentially, set $persuasion to nothing.)