Lamisiri the Bulwark

Scion: Amy Lancaster

Age: ???

Brief Summary:

Lamisiri is known as the Bulwark because she is focused on defending others in her care from harm. She would gladly die a thousand deaths to let those in her care live that much longer, and has done so more than she remembers. While she is not the most brilliant of all dragonkind, she is fiercely loyal, and her will has outlasted empires.

Breed: Abyssal Serpent (Armor 10, Flight 2, Heightened Touch, Gaping Skull, Constricting Tail, Articulating Tongue, Wallcrawler)

Legacy: Aegis Bearer


Fire/Action: 4(4)

Air/Reason: 4(1)

Water/Stamina: 6(4)

Earth/Will: 6(6)

Outlook: Guardian


Ka 6

Melee 6

Senses 6

Stamina 6

Will 6

Interaction 3

Knowledge: culture 3

Casting 3

Style Picks: 8

Entrapping Defense (1)

Submerged (3)

Overkill (4) [Halberd]

Spell Picks: 4

Clarion Call


Counter Weave of the First Order

The Laborer Abides

Hoard: 3


Wallcrawler 1

Heightened Touch 1

Alternate Form 1

Crushing Will 5

Earthstride 3

Ferocity 1

Shadow Spinner 2

Skin of Stone 4

Group Mind 1


Defender 5

Dervish 4

Resilient 3

Casting 2

Forceful Will 1