Amy Lancaster

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Mother: Gretel Varner-Lancaster

Father: Eric Lancaster

Brief Summary:

Amy originally wanted to be an actress in the theater -- but she doesn't really seem to have the talent for it. Instead she lives close to the dream by occasionally taking up work as a stagehand in local productions, while her day job is spent working as a journalist looking for interesting stories. Lately, the stories have been less about who's rubbing elbows or snubbing each other at the Comedy Revue and more whispers of something unusual... Likes reading up on the latest in theater trends but doesn't actually keep up to date on it.


Fire/Action: 3

Air/Reason: 3

Water/Stamina: 5

Earth/Will: 5


Craft: Writing 1+1M

Interaction 1+1M

Knowledge: Art 1M (particularly theater)

Medicine 1M

Melee 1P

Quickness 1+2P

Research 1+1M

Senses 1+1M

Stamina 2P

Stealth 1+1P

Travel 2P

Trickery 1M

Will 1M


Forceful Will 1 [Journalist]: One reroll on social tests involving her steely gaze.

Defender 1 [Chimera]: Can block an additional attack directed at allies.

Network 1 (Local media contacts)

Fighting Style Ranks: 1 + 2

Entrapping Defense (1)

Luring Blade (2)

Wealth: 2

Karma: 3

Sire - Chimera, the Righteous Fury

[Fire]: Physical action moves

[Water]: Physical reaction moves

[Air]: Karmic range

[Earth]: Max karma pool

[Fire+Air]: Initiative dice

[Earth+Water]: Health chart

[Fire+Water]: Bonus physical skill ranks [8]

[Air+Earth]: Bonus mental skill ranks [8]


Group Mind 1 [Scion]